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The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) is a progressive Union representing some 400,000 members in virtually every town and city in Canada and the U.S.

Our members work in Canada's maintenance and service industries and in health care and education providing a vast range of public services. They provide diagnostic, therapeutic, clerical and nursing care. They operate and maintain the equipment necessary to build and enhance Canada's infrastructure. In fact, there is little you can do in today's society that will not have involved an Operating Engineer.

Canadian members of our Union enjoy a multi-level of service. They are able to access their own Local professional staff who may be assisted by the Canadian Conference, the Canadian Director and his staff or the General President and his International Staff.

Each level has fully trained representatives who all share the same philosophy – people come first!

Executive Board

WHAT...The Executive Board sets policy, reviews all aspects of the local, sets financial goals, recommends dues and initiation fee structures and determines employment terms and conditions for staff.


WHEN...The Executive Board meets semi-annually in May and October on a Saturday.


WHO...The Executive Board is comprised of 16 members and staff as elected every four years from the membership at large. Join us, and become an Executive Board Member and have your say on how your Local Union operates. If you are an initiated member, in good standing and interested, please contact your Local office.

Executive Board members:

Reg Sauve – President

Nick Pantaleo – Vice-President

Greg Hoath – Business Manager

Catarina Rotondo – Ottawa Business Agent

Nick Pantaleo – Recording Secretary

Richard Chung – Treasurer

Ted Pitura – Conductor

Edward Chung – Guard

Todd De Santis – Trustee

Ian Murray – Trustee

Dexter Chin – Auditor

Zachary Ryckman - Member - At - Large


Left to right: President Reg Sauve, Trustee Ian Murray, Business Agent Catarina Rotondo, Business Manager Greg Hoath, Canadian Regional Director Patrick Campbell, International Business Representative Larry Richard, Trustee Todd De Santis, Recording Secretary Nick Pantaleo, Guard Ed Chung, Mamber At Large Zachary Ryckman, Treasurer Richard Chung. Absent Conductor Ted Pitura, Auditor Dexter Chin.


IUOE has been representing working people across Canada since 1897. Our local union has been built by local people and continues to grow due to the commitment of our members.

Our Local is a people-first organization. Local 772 still believes in the grass roots principles, which have supported the growth of trade unionism in this country since the 1800s.

The ideas of caring about people and their problems have been renewed with a fresh vigour within the Operating Engineers. We believe in servicing our members. 

IUOE Local 772 Charter, est. 1965
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