Steward Information


Local 772 provides an all-encompassing training session for Shop Stewards that includes the grievance process, arbitrations and human rights with guest speakers. 

Our last session held Saturday September 22nd and Sunday September 23rd was a big success!

Any Stewards interested in attending an upcoming session are asked to contact us at 905-527-5250 (Hamilton) or 613-748-0546 (Ottawa). 

IUOE Steward Training Manual

Download a copy here or call the Hamilton office at 905-527-5250 or 1-800-286-0422 for a copy. Please note English version only. 



The Union will reimburse with receipts any expenses for registration, mileage and parking for approved Labour Related Courses. Please contact the union office for course approvals.


As a steward, you are likely to get complaints on every aspect of working conditions in your workplace. But they may be just that - complaints. For a legitimate grievance to have occurred there must have been a violation of the collective agreement, federal or provincial law, or an employee's rights on the job.


investigating a grievance

Whether a grievance is won or lost is often determined by how the steward investigates the problem. Therefore, the steward must be prepared to do the following:

  1. Investigate and listen carefully to the worker's statement. 
  2. Know your collective agreement.
  3. Document, document, document.
  4. Distinguish between fact and opinion.
  5. Ask questions for clarification or additional information.
  6. Determine which facts are relevant to the matter under discussion.
  7. It is critical you follow your collective agreement's proper grievance step procedures and timelines.


For a blank, uneditable .PDF grievance form, click here. Please note that this is for emergency use only. Leave the grievance # field blank and contact the Hamilton office immediately for a supply of hard copy grievance forms.

For a blank, editable Word-format grievance form, click here.